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Back to school day- September 1

September 1 is the day many parents wait for during July and August: the day the children return to school. 

In most countries of the world, the school period starts on September 1 and lasts for 10 months, until the summer vacation, after which the children return to school and go to a class or kindergarten. Not only do the parents miss the school, many children also feel during the summer vacation that they have exhausted it and are bored with it and they miss the educational framework already. 

Did you know? Children say in the summer vacation "I'm bored" an average of 196 times a day.

So who invented the school? 

The idea of grouping students together in a central place to teach them existed in antiquity. 

In Athens, ancient Greece existed Plato Academy founded in 385 BC. Before that, in ancient India, the Gorgol was already in existence in the second millennium BC, and in ancient China it was the Shang Ziang School, also in the 2000 BC.

Back to school coloring pages for kids

School animated gifs

Sandcastle day - the first Saturday of August

One of the beautiful childhood memories that accompany many of us is not an attractive theme park abroad, nor a huge mall with children's attractions, not a show of entertainment star and selfie with mother and with him - but something we have done over and over, alone or with someone from the family and quietly - the construction of a palace in the sand.

What do you need for that? Bucket, spoon, sand and sea. Fill the bucket, pour the sand, dig a ditch, add shells for decoration (if desired) and walla!- we have an impressive sandcastle.

The more we invested in the palace, the more beautiful it was. And all the materials we got from nature.

Building a sand castle is not only a way to pass the time to the child. It is also a way to learn about life, nature and creativity.

True, the bucket and the spoon have to be bought, but in the toy stores you can buy whole sets of buckets, sieves, molds in various shapes, rakes and spoons at a very cheap price.

 beach toys set (source)

In many countries there are sand sculpture festivals that include the construction of many sand castles.

 A video that will teach you to build an impressive medieval castle in the sand (source: YouTube)

How to celebrate the Sandcastle Day?

You can go to the beach and build palaces in the sand, you can do sand dunes competition with friends - whose sandcastle is the largest and most impressive? You can photograph the palaces you built and upload to the social networks. If you are a parent of children, take them to the sea and build a palace together. It will be a wonderful quality time with them and give them one of the most charming childhood memories.

Take a bucket and spoon, put sunscreen and go to the beach to build a palace in the sand!

Mud Day- June 29

Many people don't like mud. Mud is a kind of nuisance. As soon as it rains, everything is filled with mud and everyone hates it. The mud muddles the shoes, the clothes, the car, the floor, the furniture, and it makes everything ugly.

Mud has a bad reputation. What advantages does this sticky, slippery slick stuff have? What does he have to offer?

It turns out mud is not so bad and even a positive thing. Many studies have shown that it comes in contact with a bit of dirt and bacteria. It is healthy for us and helps build the immune system, unlike living in a sterile environment that makes the body very vulnerable. It is actually living in an environment that is too clean with detergents, less healthy than a life in which they get dirty and occasionally splash in the mud. Mud also has many minerals for skin, and people pay hundreds of dollars to make mud masks and mud baths in the spa.

The creators of International Mud Day wanted to find a way to help all the children around the planet feel closer to each other ... and what is the best way to do it if not using the Earth itself?

The first International Mud Day took place in 2009 in various countries, initiated by Gillian McAuliffe of Australia and Bishnu Bhatta of Nepal. Since then, every year the mud day has been celebrated in many countries, regardless of race, religion, age or sex.

How to celebrate Mud Day?

There are lots of ways to celebrate International Mud Day, but they all have one thing in common: you have to get dirty. This day can be fun especially if you have children, because who loves most get dirty if not children? You can do creative activities in the mud like building sculptures or cakes from mud. You can rub your body in the mud and do a muddy war. In France, for example, running competitions that include crawling in the mud under grids for the Mud Day are also held.

  Luther Barbank, an American botanist, said: "Every child needs mud cakes, grasshoppers, water bugs, tadpoles, frogs, mud deer, wild strawberries, acorns, chestnuts ... Different pets, plucked fields, pine cones, rocks, sand, snakes and wasps, any child deprived of these things is deprived of the best part of ... education. "

World Doll Day - Second Saturday in June

World Dolls Day was announced on June 14, 1986 by a nice lady named Mildred Seeley, a doll collector, doll business entrepreneur and doll book author. The date then changed to the second Saturday in June each year.
Mildred had a huge collection of French porcelain dolls sold a year after her death, in 2002. One collection of her dolls sold for $ 1,800,000 while the price for one doll was $ 215,000.

This day is not only meant to celebrate the existence of the dolls, but also the care, nurturing and love that people have in general.
Pictured: Dolls from Mildred Seeley's doll collection
Dolls Day is traditionally celebrated by giving a doll to anyone, child or adult no matter what type of doll.

Doll care is an essential part of the lives of young children. They see them as a scaled-down version of themselves and they treat them with love, concern and caring.
Dolls can also be used as a role-play and give children a way to express their emotions, even the negative ones.
World doll day greeting cards
It is very important to maintain the custom of playing with dolls. New generations may miss this great opportunity. Little girls nowadays are more preoccupied with other aspects of life, like fashion and grooming, or playing games on smartphones. It is very important to continue to let children play with dolls and Mildred Seeley's Dolls Day can be a reminder of that.

When will World Doll Day come out in the coming years?

2022- June 11
2023- June 10
2024- June 8
2025- June 14

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