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Coffee and tea coloring pages

Who can live without coffee and tea? I don't know many people who can and I guess that you do not know too. Could it be that in the future coffee or tea will become extinct? Like the dinosaurs? Let's pray not. Here are coffee and tea coloring pages, and people drinking coffee and tea. Everyone likes to drink coffee and tea, from a young age. Both drinks are healthy if you drink them in the right amount. In the coloring pages below you will find beautiful drawings of cups of tea and coffee, of cute children drinking, of adults drinking and more. For sure, it will make you want to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, so enjoy both things, coloring and drinking together. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P. You can also save the coloring page in your computer and print later. Have fun!

PS- To save paper and help our planet, you can print on used pages, on the blank side ♥

girl drinks tea coloring page
Girl drinks take away coffee coloring page
dreamy girl drinks tea coloring page
cute cat and cup of tea coloring page
Girl drinks coffee coloring page
boy drinks coffee or tea coloring page
cute boy drinks coffee coloring book
cute girl drinks coffee coloring page
cute kitten with coffee extremly cute coloring page
kawaii cute cat and cup of tea coloring page
cute girl and a huge cup of coffee coloring page
cutie cat and huge cup of coffee coloring book
cup of coffee art coloring page
coffee art coloring page
cool girl with cup of tea or coffee coloring page
big girl drinks coffee coloring page
girl drinks ice coffee coloring page
boy drinks hot drink coloring page
boy drinks coffee and dreams coloring page
a girl drinks hot drink coloring book
young man drinks coffee coloring page
business man drinks coffee coloring page
business woman drinks cappucino coloring page
business man drinks cappucino coloring page
business man drinks coffee coloring page

Cappuccino Day - November 8

Cappuccino Day falls on November 8 in honor of the hot coffee with the frothed milk. So many people are addicted to cappuccino - Cappuccino is the perfect drink for a cold day, to meet in a cafe with friends, to walk around with it in a cup with a lid that warms the hands and in general to indulge with it whenever possible.

The cappuccino is traditionally made with espresso, hot milk and frothed milk. The origin of the cappuccino is from Italy.
The origin of the word cappuccino is from the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, an order of the Catholic Church, where monks wore robes with pointed brown hats reminiscent of the popular coffee color.
The first espresso machine used to make a cappuccino was first introduced in the early 20th century, after Luigi Bazera of Milan patented it in 1901.
In 1945, Achilla Gajia, the owner of a café in Milan, invented the modern espresso machine that was suitable for many cafes and restaurants, thus increasing the popularity of cappuccino.
In the mid-1990s cappuccino became a popular beverage in North America, in upscale cafes.
By the late 1990s to the early 2000s, the cappuccino had already become the domain of all cafes for their visitors, while booming in the American coffee industry.
At the beginning of the 21st century, cappuccinos also began to be served in fast food chains.
Cappuccino has also gained popularity in the United Kingdom, due to the British custom of drinking coffee with milk.

When making cappuccino, great care must be taken to arrive at the right ratio of foam and hot milk. The lower third of the cabbage contains the espresso, and the next two thirds consist equally of the hot milk and the whipped part.
A skilled barista can also create artistic forms while he / she pours the frothed milk. The artistic illustrations on top of the foam are called "latte art".

How to celebrate Cappuccino Day?
Of course, Cappuccino Day can be celebrated by drinking cappuccino, it can be done at home alone, if you have an espresso machine, or with friends / family / neighbors / acquaintances. You can drink it at work or in a cafe. No matter where and with whom you drink the cappuccino - it's today to savor this addictive and refreshing drink!

Irish Coffee Day- January 25

On January 25, 1942, several passengers crossed the ocean to the bar at the airport in Poins, West Ireland, where Joe Sheridan worked as a barman. To warm and wake them up, he served them a drink containing 40 ml of Irish whiskey, 80 ml of hot brewed coffee, 30 ml of cream and a spoon of brown sugar, and served it in a glass cup with a high leg.
The tourists drank the drink and enjoyed it very much. They asked the bartender if it was Brazilian coffee and he replied that "no, it's Irish coffee."
Since millions of gourmet diners enjoy the warm and delicious drink and this superb fragrant combination that contains a stimulating coffee and warming whiskey.

In the picture: A classic Irish Cup - Link

International Coffee Day- 1st October

International Coffee Day is an occasion that is used to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage, with events now occurring in places across the world. The first official was at 1 October 2015, as agreed by the International Coffee Organization and was launched in Milan, Italy.

This day is also used to promote fair trade coffee and to raise awareness for the plight of the coffee growers. On this day, many businesses offer free or discounted cups of coffee.

Here are some interesting facts about coffee:
If you drink coffee to wake up, you should drink it between 9:30 am and 11:30 when it's most effective.
Every day, the world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee.
Starbucks coffee has more caffeine than energy drinks.

Instant Coffee was invented by a man called George Washington (not the president) around 1910.

Coffee is the world's second most valuable traded commodity, only behind petroleum.

Drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee significantly improves metabolism.
Coffee beans aren't actually beans. They are fruit pits.
Happy coffee day greeting cardGood morning with coffee greeting card
Coffee face gifGood morning coffee glitter

Good morning cardmonkey in a cup of coffee greeting card

Cute Happy coffee day gif greeing cardanimal crossing coffee mug

International Coffee day - October 1


International Coffee Day falls on October 1 every year. This is a holiday for all coffee lovers who are basically just about everyone. 

To read more about Coffee Day, click on the link.

Everyone talks about the coffee they prefer, when and in what position. One prefers latte coffee before bed and the other granita on a successful date. She prefers chocolate in the winter under the warm blanket (how can it not be spilled on her?), And you? You just love an old-fashioned instant coffee.

Especially for you we have prepared the following short dictionary, of types of coffee, so that you can re-examine your preferences or at least understand what everyone is talking about.

Espresso - a strong black coffee that is prepared by pouring hot water under steam pressure through finely ground beans. Thick and bitter coffee with a reddish-brown foam on the upper edges, which indicates the quality of the pouring.

Latte - a drink consisting of half an espresso with whipped milk. Latte has an amount of about an inch of frothed milk.

Cappuccino - a drink consisting of an espresso, a third cup of hot milk and a third cup of frothed milk. Not recommended for those on a diet.

Iced coffee - coffee of any kind with the addition of ice. When making iced coffee it should be made more concentrated as the ice cubes that are added to it dilute its flavor. You can sweeten the cold coffee with sugar water (hot water containing dissolved sugar). Vanilla, mocha or walnut extracts can be added to iced coffee.

French vanilla - a drink made from an espresso dish with cold milk, with the addition of vanilla flavors.

Filter - coffee that is prepared by pouring hot water through a container with a filter containing coffee beans. The water absorbs the taste and aroma through the coffee beans and arrives in the glass as a fine coffee drink.

Parfait - a cold drink consisting of instant coffee powder dissolved in water and whipped with the addition of milk. The parfait can be upgraded using various flavor additions or using Irish coffee or Bayliss.

Irish Coffee - Coffee with Irish whiskey. Irish coffee is prepared by pouring a long espresso or filter coffee with sugar into a glass of whiskey. Then pour sweet cream so that two layers are formed in the glass: one dark layer of whiskey coffee and a white layer of cream on top, through which the bitter coffee is drunk.

Granita - a drink made of ice in various flavors such as oranges, lemon, mint, strawberry or almond. This is basically iced coffee.

Macchiato - espresso stained with frothed milk. Add a teaspoon of frothed milk to the espresso and you have a macchiato. The opposite drink is latte macchiato: hot frothed milk with a touch of a teaspoon of espresso.

Instant coffee - coffee powder that is prepared by grinding roasted coffee beans to a fine, cooking them at a high temperature and low pressure when as a result of this process the water evaporates and a concentrated coffee residue remains, which is dried into a powder. Mix a teaspoon of this powder with boiling water, milk, sugar or sucrose Instant coffee drink.

Americano - espresso with added water. The hot water that is added to Americano does not pass through the coffee beans and therefore does not strengthen the espresso flavor. The amount of water added to Americano determines the strength of the drink.

Decaffeinated - For those who do want to sleep well at night or for those whose doctor advised them to avoid caffeine, coffee that contains a small percentage of caffeine. According to the international standard it must contain less 97% caffeine and according to the European standard 99.9% caffeine.

It does not matter what coffee you like to drink, how, when and with whom - we wish you a happy International Coffee Day!

October 1 is also Raccoon Appreciation Day

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