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Superheroes Day - April 28

When we think of superheroes, we usually think of a man or woman in a tight suit, with a symbol on his chest, who in everyday life is an ordinary person, but in a moment of trouble he changes form, gets his superpowers and goes out to save the world.
Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, The Green Giant and Spider-Man are just a few of the superheroes we know, and although they are fictional, these superheroes are role models for our children.

But the superheroes are not just the ones in the movies. Even in reality there are superheroes wearing uniforms, of police, firefighters, doctors or the army. They, too, are life-saving heroes.
Superhero Day is meant to remind us that there are all kinds of superheroes in the world. They can come in any shape, size or gender. They can be not only life-saving professionals, but also people who work in a completely different job, but in their free time volunteer to help weak people, distressed animals and anyone in need.
Superhero Day was invented in 1995 by employees of the Marvel Comics Company.

Superheroes Day
Every day people wear uniforms and go to life-saving jobs like paramedics or ambulance drivers, firefighters, cops, etc., but apart from them there are plenty of others who are considered real heroes. People who help the homeless with food or clothes, people who help lost children, people who rescue distressed dogs and cats, who help people who get stuck with the car on the road and the list of superheroes does not end ...

How to celebrate Superhero Day?
The best way to celebrate Superhero Day is to find the inner hero within you. Be alert and open your eyes to see if there is anyone who needs help in your environment and help, yourself or by calling for help. There are lots of ways to help others, and every way is blessed. It is today to take action and not ignore and wait for someone else to help. Be superheroes of yourselves.

Handcuffs Day - February 20

Handcuffs Day is happy if you are a law-abiding citizen, but if you have a criminal background, this day may not be so happy for you ....
Handcuffs Day is the anniversary of the worldwide patent-pending patent registration, the handcuffs invented by George A. Carney, on February 20, 1920.

The new design of criminal restraints has made the lives of police officers easier. The new handcuffs were lighter and easier to use than the previous handcuffs.
The original purpose of the handcuffs is to restrain criminals so that they cannot escape, but some people find other uses in them such as magicians making an appearance of Houdini-inspired handcuffs, or for intimate BDSM-style relationships.
In Japan, if you are photographing someone with their hands handcuffed, you should blur (pixelate) your hands if you publish the picture on TV or in the press. This is because of the case where Kazyoshi Miura, a Japanese businessman accused of murdering his wife (not the footballer), claimed in court that publicizing his hands in handcuffs had created prejudice in the trial he was guilty of.
Even in France it is forbidden to broadcast images of people handcuffed, or otherwise coerced.
In Hong Kong, people who are handcuffed and led by police are given the opportunity to put a black bag on their head.

Police coloring pages

Free printable coloring pages of policemen and policewomen, police cars. It is a very honorable profession to be a police officer and many children dream of being police officers when they grow up. 

Choose the coloring page of the police you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P.

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