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Dress up your pet day- January 14

14 January is Dress up your pet day. The temperatures outside are dropping and it's time to dress your dog in a sweater, coat or dress. 
Dress up your pet day was founded in 2009 by celebrity pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige.
The purpose of this day is to promote awareness of the need for pet adoption, to celebrate and pamper with pets and also to support retail businesses of pet supplies.
This is a day to showcase the clothes you bought for your pet, buy them new clothes and look at animal fashion shows.

"The important thing to remember is not to make pets feel uncomfortable with their clothes," Paige says, "not to laugh at them and embarrass them. To dress them in cute clothes and have fun with them while maintaining their comfort level."
 It is important that you dress your dog in a warm but not too much clothing, pleasant to the touch, not stressful or restrictive. It is very important not to dress them in real fur.
You can also treat them to toys and snacks.
Another fact that is important to note- Dress up your pet day does not support or promote businesses that sell products that include leathers, fur or parts from any type of real animal.
Dog sweater

Dog sweater

Wonderwoman dog
Batman dog

Another Batman dog
Superman dog

Teen Titan dog
Spiderman Dog

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