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National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day- June 13

June 13 is the day  that dedicated annualy to those of us who find it difficult to function in the kitchen (as cooks, not as eaters). For people who have left hands and utter incompetence when it comes to cooking, baking and food preparation.

When I look at my friends Facebook and Instagram pages, I see endless images of culinary creations. Impressive cakes, cupcakes, patties, pasta, bread and all the dishes in the world, of course, with very complicated receipes. It seems that everyone around knows how to cook and bake like a world-class chef. They are so successful and talented.

The date June 13 is dedicated to those transparent people, those who have nothing to be proud about. This is the day to remember that there are people among us who always spill too much salt or forget to spice, their cake will always rise and then get thin as plywood, they always put too much or too little water, always will burn them in the stew. So now embrace them and cherish them and tell them that it's OK not to know how to cook, and if they don't like to do it, they don't have to prove anything to anyone.

People who can't cook day

Garlic Day - April 19

Garlic Day is celebrated every year on April 19, in honor of its wonderful bulbs. One can be an avid fan of garlic, and on the other hand one can also not tolerate it and say it stinks. Garlic is used as a spice plant and the part that is used is the cloves in its tuber that are edible (proper or cooked). Garlic also has many medicinal properties and is also attributed spiritual qualities such as protection against evil spirits and bad luck.

The garlic originated more than 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt and among the inhabitants of the Indus Valley. It was later discovered in ancient China and India and later in Europe. Only at the end of the 19th century garlic was recognized by culinary chefs. Before that it was used in small doses in sauces because it was considered the food of poor farmers, because technically it is just a root that has been removed from the soil.

The nutritional values of garlic

Garlic is rich in an allicin compound that gives it its aroma and spiciness. Allicin is attributed healing properties against many diseases including atherosclerosis, bacterial infections, as well as the ability to dissolve fats and as an antioxidant. Apart from allicin, garlic also contains essential minerals such as sulfur, phosphorus and fluorine, as well as vitamins such as carotene (pro-vitamin A), vitamin B1, vitamin B3 and more.
All this richness turns garlic into a natural remedy. It is good against colds and infections and also reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. Even modern science attributes it antibiotic properties.
Despite all these benefits, one should be careful about overeating the garlic. Some people are allergic to garlic. Consumption of garlic supplements may increase the risk of bleeding and they may also impair the effectiveness of certain medications and create interactions with other medications.

Garlic in culture
In many cultures it is believed that garlic protects against the evil eye. Because of the strong smell of garlic apparently, enormous powers were attributed to it: in medieval and Renaissance Europe it was believed to ward off vampires, witches, werewolves, demons and all the sick evils that could be encountered. To this day some people hang garlic tubes on the door to ward off bad luck and bring good luck.
There is a folklore legend that says that garlic grew from the left footprint of the devil when he left heaven. In Greece, midwives would keep evil spirits away from babies born by placing garlic in their cribs and Roman soldiers would eat garlic to be filled with courage.
In dreams garlic symbolizes good luck and if in a dream one eats the garlic, it may be a sign of hidden secrets.
There are places where throughout the year there are festivals dedicated to garlic like in Canada, Turkey, Australia, Italy, UK, USA and more.

Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world

The town of Gilroy in California is considered the garlic capital of the world. If you really like garlic and want to taste everything that can be prepared with it, this is where you need to go. The town's garlic festival has hosted over three million visitors in its thirty years of existence. The festival offers games, crafts, competitions and various other activities, all around the theme of garlic. They even serve garlic ice cream there! Even out of season, there is plenty to do, including shopping for garlic-related gifts.

How to celebrate Garlic Day?

Some people add garlic to everything they cook every day. Some people like to eat the garlic fresh. If you want to join the garlic day celebrations, do not forget to add it to the sauce or stew you make, to salads (it is recommended to chop it), to sandwiches and more. Keep in mind that after eating people will move away from you a bit because of the odor from your mouth ...

If you have a cold or inflammation, add fresh garlic to your menu, it should help.

Take a picture of the food you prepare and upload it to social media with the hashtag #NationalGarlicDay.

Garlic day April 19

April 19 is also Hanging Out Day

Personal chef day- 26 February

US Personal Chefs Association suggested the February 26 date as Personal Chef Day. 
A personal chef is a person who prepares gourmet meals to people in their homes. He not only prepares a meal but giving personal attention and love pampering. 
If you're lucky and can afford to book a personal chef, and you have no power to cook, to work and to make a mess in the kitchen, you can invite a personal chef to your home, give them affection, express appreciation to their dedicated work and give them even a small gift.

February 26 is also Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Housewife's Day- 3 November

If you are a stay home mother or a full time housewife you probably feel that you are not as appreciated as you deserve for your efforts and your hard work at home. You probably will be happy to hear that there is a day devoted to the housewife that will make you feel different. November 3 is a day of appreciation for housewives around the world, the day the housekeeper is honored for caring for the house, which is not self-evident.
The politically correct expression for both a housewife and a househusband is now "homemaker".

The source of this day is not clear, but the suspicion is that it was created by a real housewife, someone who felt exhausted and unappreciated, someone who felt that the environment scorned the work of the housewife. Soon her idea stirred up enthusiasm and in various countries (especially in the US) began to mark him as housewife gifts like a spa day, a pampering dinner or anything that would do her good and make her feel how important she is.
Retro pictures from the life of the housewife by Anne Taintor who designs products line such as magnets, mugs, socks and more about the lives of women housewives with humor:
Anne Taintor funny card (link)

Some funny quotes about cleaning the house:

There is no need to clean the house at all. After the first four years Dust will not be in worse shape (Quentin Crisp, English writer, 1908-1999)

I think that housework is the reason why a woman should go to work in an office (Heloise Cruse).

My husband and I decided on a fair division of labor in cleaning the house: None of us do it (Dottie Archibald)

Some of the tasks are more like the torture of Sisyphus than housework, with their endless repetition: the clean becomes dirty, the dirty becomes clean, and so on, day after day (Simone de Beauvoir, French and feminist writer, 1908-1986)

Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it (Author Unknown).

Thank God for every dirty dish we have in the sink, because it means we're lucky to have something to eat

I believe that every day we have to live as if this is the last day of our lives. That's why you will not find clean laundry. Because who spends the last day of his life in the laundry? (Author Unknown)

The one waiting for the knight on her white horse- it's important to remember that she's the one to clean after the horse

Law of cleaning windows: the dirt is always on the other side.

Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy. (Author Unknown)

My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint. (Erma Bombeck)

My husband asked me to whisper dirty things in his ear. So I whispered: kitchen, bathroom, living room
November 3 is also Sandwich Day and Jellyfish Day

Go Cook For Your Pets Day- November 1st

We all love our pets, and a day go cook your pets is a day that takes their pampering to new levels.
On this day, as responsible owners who want to justify the loyalty and affection of your pet, you are asked to stop with the regular canned food that you insist on feeding them every day, and instead cook them a culinary delicacy that will tickle their taste buds and make them happy.
Have you ever felt your heart melt when you fry yourself a schnitzel or meatballs, and your pet just stares at you and seems to ask, "Why do you deserve all this delicious food but I have to eat these dry pebbles all the time?" Have you ever felt guilty about eating fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, nuts, grains and plenty of delicious sweets and snacks, while your pet eats the exact same thing every day?
If so, you'll probably love this little holiday: a day go cook for your pet. Cooking for yourself can offer many benefits - it's cheaper than dining in restaurants, not to mention the control it gives you over what you put into your body - it's time to find out how much fun it can be to cook for your pet too! Needless to say, your little friends are sure to get excited too.


History of the day Go cook for your pet
Go Cook for Your Pet day was invented by the people behind the website who thought it was time for pet owners to start paying more attention to their furry friends' diets. Our pets, they believe, deserve a little more love and attention for all the joy they bring to our lives, and it's hard to disagree with them.


How to celebrate the day Go cook for your pet
This special day is about promoting good nutrition among our beloved pets in order to improve their health and standard of living ... and if that is not a respectable reason, then what is? There are lots of recipes to choose from, both from and from many other sites, so basically, the sky is the limit. However, there are some things to keep in mind, as animals are much more sensitive to certain components than humans, and may even be severely harmed by their consumption. So remember:


Do not spoil the food of your pets - you may like black pepper, salt, cumin or oregano, but your pets do not need them, and they may even cause their stomachs to respond poorly.
No need to add sauce- they do not need it.
Do not change your pet's diets overnight. Make the change from one type of food to another gradually so that they can get used to it.
If your pet is suffering from any health condition, consult a veterinarian before feeding on anything new.
Avoid feeding your pets garlic, onions, foods with mold or oils, salt, alcohol, coffee, tea, yeast and chocolate. You should also be careful of milk and dairy products, as they can cause damage to their digestive system.
So go cook and prepare some treats or delicious meals for your pet, to make this special day an international celebration for all pets!

November 1 is also World Vegan Day and  DAy of the Dead

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