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Rabbit Day - Forth Saturday in September

The fourth Saturday of September is International Rabbit special day.
While many people like to raise this cute animal at home, rabbits also suffer from more harsh and cruel treatment from humans. Many rabbits are captured and taken to laboratories for the purpose of using them for experiments of medical and cosmetic products, hunting them for their fur or for edible purposes.

Rabbit Day is designed to raise awareness for this cute animal and remind you to protect and preserve it. So give your rabbit a delicious carrot and when you buy grooming products, note that they have not been tested on animals.

Fun facts about rabbits:

The difference between a rabbit and a dassie: Rabbits have long, large ears relative to the size of their head, a more prominent tail and their hind legs are longer compared to their front legs. Dassies on the other hand have small and short ears, a short tail and 4 short legs of the same length.
The rabbits do not belong to the rodent family, but to the Lagomorpha family.

The rabbit's teeth are very strong and they never stop growing.
The rabbit has 28 teeth in total.
There are today 45 breeds of rabbits known for them.
If the rabbit is cared for properly, it can reach the age of 10 years.
Rabbits can not vomit.
Rabbits need some hay in their diet to prevent the formation of lumps of fur in their stomach.
Rabbits can make sounds of cats.
The pregnancy of the rabbit lasts 28 days.
A rabbit mother breastfeeds her children only 5 times a day.
Rabbit droppings are widely used in the fertilizer industry.
The rabbits' eyes are very far apart, which allows them to see from behind as well.
Rabbits begin breeding age as early as 3 or 4 months of age.
When rabbits come across something that scares them, they can die of fear.

Rabbit day dates in the next few years:

2020- September 26
2021- September 24
2022- September 23

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